Tiptoe......................peeking through the gate

Come and Wander with Me


     Travel is fast; wandering is slow and delicious. I prefer to wander. If you do, too, I'll take you to some of the places I go.

We'll do things like this:

decipher birth dates etched on a barn wall

walk around a new town and people watch

talk to Jamie Lee in the post office

study photographs (especially black and white)

where we are invited to dinner

 pray (and maybe sing) in an old stone chapel.

     We might take an occasional excursion to a place like London. But not usually. You'll soon see that we can wander without spending much money or traveling very far. I assure you there will be hints of stories everywhere we look. And, to my way of thinking, stories are the reason for the wandering.

     No doubt about it: People in all places yield up rich material to the storyteller. If you come along, we'll have a lovely time and learn some things together. Please join me!